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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ground Hog Day Blizzard, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011 has started, and by tomorrow morning we should be buried in snow if the forecasts are correct. The snow plows are out and will be out for the next 24 hours.
Below you can see SR 114. If you do not have to drive, stay at home. There will not be much open tomorrow so there will not be any place to go.
This is Catholic Schools Week and St. Augustine celebrated today by not having classes. All area schools have already canceled for tomorrow. I wonder if the schools will be open come Thursday.
Downtown was empty at 4:00.
On the bright side, the days are getting a bit longer. Have you noticed that?

Most people who were driving had their lights on, but not all. You have to wonder about those who do not turn on their lights when the visibility is about three blocks.
I noticed that there were "for-rent" signs on the Professional Data Services building. I had not noticed them before.
I saw a news story yesterday that the vacancy rate nationally for housing is 11%. I wonder what it is locally. The business vacancy rate must be way above that locally.

I could not resist taking a picture of the snow formation on a storm sewer. The weather outside is frightful, but also quite beautiful.
Update: I was trying to make some corrections an hour and a half ago when the power went out. I hope we do not see too much more of that.

Do you remember the ice storm of December, 2008?

update 2: Saint Joe's is closed tomorrow. No classes.

Newton County is shut down. The county plows are no longer plowing.

City of Rensselaer trash and recycling pick ups for Wednesday postponed until the weather allows them.


Anonymous said...

Remeber the snow storm of January 1967. We had moved back to Indiana in Nov 1966 from Lake Zurich, IL. We bought an old farm house on five acres in what is now part of the National Lakeshore Park. We were snowed in for five days in the "country". It was an experience with two small children and three foster children. Having been a "Farmer's Daughter" our freezer had plenty, had plenty of canned food from the fall, even a box of dry milk. We survived!!

Gene said...

I well remember Rensselaer blizzards back in the 1940s when we had to plod, stumble, and wade through huge drifts to get to school, which did not close for snow. I'll bet mayor Arihood remembers that too, right Herb? He was a classmate of mine. Just ask him if we didn't have school even during blizzards.

Oh, and I remember old Hugh Hurley plowing the snow-clogged sidewalks, along Angelica Street walking behind his team of horses (Dick and Winnie)

And my dad shoveling the drifts from the sidewalks around the courthouse, working all night long.

Oh Yes, I remember snow. That's why I moved to and lived in Florida for twenty-five years and now as old codger enjoy the weather here in Tucson.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for the wonderful photos to document this crazy and memorable time. The snow keeps coming. It is now 11:59 am on Wednesday, and I wonder how much more. JA