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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Prairie Arts Council and the Cooperative School Services are again showing a exhibit at the Fendig Gallery called Limelight on Special Creations. It features pictures and creations from students in special education classes from Benton Central, Rensselaer, KV, South Newton, and Van Elementary. The show runs until March 4.

I admired the detail in this picture.
There were a couple of fish pictures. They look like prints created using an actual fish and then colored.
There was a lot of color in this bit of abstract expressionism.
This portrait had the biggest ribbon.

I did not post on the elementary school exhibit at SJC that has ended because I did not see anything that caught my fancy. The high school exhibit, which will run from Feb 21 until March 4, is being hung and already there are a number of interesting items there, so some future post will probably review it. A middle school show will run from March 21 until April 8.

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