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Saturday, February 5, 2011

More than a dusting

The weather forecast for today was a light dusting of snow. The system has tracked further north than the forecast predicted. We have about an inch already and it is snowing heavily. I guess my plans for today are going to change.

Update: We got about four inches. I had to think a minute about what this bump in the snow was. It is the fire hydrant on my corner.
The good news is that the snow stopped this afternoon, and there was still enough time to go out on an adventure. I will write about it next week.

And it seems that there is a new restaurant open out by I-65 where the Three Garcias had been--the old pancake house. Anyone know more?

(I remember one winter in Minnesota when the snow was so deep that little flags were attached to the fire hydrants where I was so that they could be located in case of a fire. We are not quite to that snow depth yet, but another big one could do it.)


Anonymous said...

Did we get four or six inches do you think?

g said...

too much but it didn't stop our fun