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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Under construction

I have (unfortunately) been visiting the hospital quite a bit this week. and during my visits I have seen big changes on the first floor. If you enter the hospital via the old main entrance and then go straight back, you are in the area where surgery is currently done. The new addition, which the hospital website says will be open in May, will have a new surgery area, so the current surgery area will be renovated for other uses. At midweek the first-floor hall was blocked off much further to the east than it had been. On Tuesday none of this plastic was here. There is an elevator door on the left side of the picture that is blocked off. The elevator is still in service but one has to enter it through its north door. (It is one of those elevators that can open at either end.)
Looking the other way (to the west), the old surgery waiting room that you can see below is now behind the warning tape. Where the hall ends with plastic there were doors that marked the start of the construction zone. Supplies were being delivered through those doors. Now they must enter somewhere else.
I hope they have an open house when they open the new addition. It is a mess now, but it will probably be very nice when it is finished.

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