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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Desperately seeking sunshine

Rensselaer has a new business, Sol Seekers Tanning Salon. It is located in the old Sears Building in the spot that was previously His and Hers Tanning Salon.
They may have an old location, but they have all new equipment and new ownership,

If you do not want a real tan, you can get a spray-on tan.
There are three rooms three tanning beds, including one that has mood music and mood lights.
It will join at least two other tanning businesses in Rensselaer, the Laundry Room and Sunchasers on Washington Street.

I had more questions to ask, but they started getting customers so I got out of the way. Sol Seekers has a Facebook page and you can learn more about them there.

While looking for Sol Seekers' Facebook page, I found the Facebook page of Sprigz, which I had not seen before. They also have a website that was done a couple of years ago but looks like it was never finished. I have wondered if it is more important for a business to have a web page or a Facebook page. They do different things. In the case of Sprigz, it looks like the Facebook page is more important. They seem to be pretty active, more active than City Office and Pub or Slice of Pie Pizza but not much different from the Doghouse.

Busy Bee has a Facebook page and they have announced that they will be opening on March 11, another sign of the return of the sun. They must be doing something right on Facebook because they have over 1500 fans.

Someone (not me) should put together a directory of all the Rensselaer businesses that have Facebook pages. I would be happy to link to it.

Have a nice Mardi Gras.

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RoadRunner1117 said...

Your wish has been granted! The Jasper County Public Library created a list of local Facebook pages on our own Facebook page. Go to our page ( and click on the "Local Facebook Pages" tab on the left-hand side.