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Monday, March 14, 2011

Platform Update (II)

It has been a little less than two weeks ago that I had a post on the Amtrak platform, but a lot has happened in those two weeks.

The workers finished putting in the poles that anchor the structure.
It then took them a few days to put down the material that looks a lot like very thick cardboard to form a mold for the bottom of the structure. I would expect them to pour the concrete directly on the ground, but they do not do that. The workers covered it at the end of the day.
It took several days to get all the re-enforcing rods connected together and put into place. There is a lot of rebar in the structure.
In the picture below the rebar has reached the sidewalk along Cullen and the workers are starting to put up the side forms. Unlike the forms at the bottom, these will be removed when the concrete has set.

I did not know when they poured the concrete, but they did pour some because the platform has now extended beyond where it was two weeks ago. The rest of the concrete should be, judging by the what they have done in the past, be poured this week and by the end of the week it should be mostly finished. Notice in the picture below that there are no longer piles of supplies waiting to be used. The supplies are gone, so end of construction cannot be too far behind.

On Thursday last week workers began installing metal handrails to replace the temporary wooden railing. Only the handicapped parking spaces are concrete.
On Friday the handrails were installed, though the concrete around their supports still needed to cure.

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