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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something old, something new

Lent is on the way, and there are Pączki for sale at the Clauss Bakery & Cafe and at Strack and van Til. When I wrote about them last year I mentioned a new blog that Fair Oaks farms had. That seems to have disappeared with their new website. And last year I had not had much experience with a-ogonek. Now I have.
Polish also uses E-ogonek, and seven more accented letters:
It does not use letters Q, V, or X except in foreign words.

While passing by the Clauss Bakery and Cafe, I noticed that next to it a new business is coming, an investment office, probably in the space formerly occupied by the Executor.
 It looks like a branch of a company that is until now has not had an office very far from South Bend.

There are a couple of new area blogs: Homestead Buttery and Bakery and one from Prairie's Edge.

(I am amazed that I did as much posting this week as I did. At the start of the week I thought that this might be a very empty week.)

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