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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still a bit of snow

I thought this scene below was a bit unusual. It shows the ditch that runs along the northern boundary of Rensselaer (maybe it is not longer the boundary--the city keeps annexing land), before it turns south to run along the eastern boundary, past the high school, and dumps into the Iroquois. This was taken from Melville Street looking east. Do you see anything unusual?
What I thought was unusual is that the remaining snow was on the north bank of the ditch. The south bank is shaded and protected from the sun, so if there had been equal amounts of snow on both sides of the ditch, the snow would melt first on the north bank. Clearly it drifted much deeper on the north than on the south side.

Despite the cold weather, spring is coming. It is March, not February. There are kids skate boarding in Brookside Park. The days are getting longer and the sun is getting higher in the sky. AT SJC basketball is finished and baseball is starting. I heard red wing blackbirds yesterday. There are lots of little signs that spring is on the way.

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flatbow said...

It's been very spring-like here: thunderstorms, warm and moist weather, bulbs and buds appearing, and most importantly... no more piles of metal eating salt on the roads!