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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hunting eggs

There were two Easter egg hunts in Rensselaer today, both at 1:00. Because I have written about the Lions/Rensselaer Republican egg hunt for the past two years (here and here), I decided to combine some chores and a quick visit to the Fountain Stone Theater hunt. The crowd lined up to get in was not especially large, and there are actually quite a few kids there. They are small and harder to see.
The kids under 4 went to one theater, and the kids 5-8 went to another. I hope they cleaned well before, or else you might have some little kids telling their mothers, "I found gum." This little boy looks like he has been quite successful, and there is still candy for him to pick up.
I am not sure what this person was portraying, but I do not pay much attention to current movies.
By the time I had done my chores and gotten to Brookside Park, it was deserted except for a few Lions. One told me that the egg hunt for the big kid group had last all of fifty seconds. Easter egg hunts are one event where you better not be late.

Have a happy Easter.
(I think Brook, Morocco, and Goodland all had their Easter egg hunts today, all at 1:00.)

Update: Little Indiana has a bit about the Lions/Rensselaer Republican egg hunt.

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Anonymous said...

The tulips are great! Finally we have spring around us. You are quite a photographer.