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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some more signs

Yesterday after my ten-minute presentation at the SJC Colloquium (I hope the five people who were there did not find it a total waste of time), Brian Capouch told me that I needed to go out east of town and take a picture of a barn that is undergoing renovation. The old paint has been stripped off, revealing old advertising for two local businesses. So this morning, I did.
The sign reads "W.A. Huff The Jeweler" and "LaRue Bros Groceries and Furniture." The barn is set well back from SR 114, and it faces the road, so most people driving on the highway would not notice it. That suggests that when it was painted, people were traveling at a more leisurely pace than they do today. The sign will not be preserved, but will be painted over.

SJC has some new signage, part of their new Exterior Signage/Wayfinding Project sponsored by the Council of Fellows. It is an on-going project. You might not be able to see them, but the magnolia trees are blooming in the background. They were blooming in southern Indiana a couple of weeks ago. Spring is moving north.
The three Republican candidates for mayor all agree that the corner of Grace and College is a great place to put campaign signs. Is the election coming up a primary, or is it the final election? I do not follow local politics too well.
The important sign here is what is missing, and the thing that is missing says that construction is finished for the Amtrak platform.
Here is another picture with the last bit of construction, the yellow post that discourages people from driving their cars onto the platform. Can you see what is still present in this picture but is missing in the one above?


Anonymous said...

the hand rail?


Anonymous said...

What will all the "small bladdered people waiting for the train do???' WHere's the port-a-pot???

Anonymous said...

I am glad you showed the Huff and LaRue names on the side of the barn east of Rensselaer. I am told that Huff was only here for a year or two around 1902 or 1903.