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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheering the weekend

It was a rather quiet weekend for me, but not for everyone. The Rensselaer High School reunion was a big event for some. I heard one person complain that more recent classes do not take it as seriously as the older classes. Do you think that could be because younger people are connected via social networks that substitute for reunions?

Remington had its first annual Water Tower Days Festival, and judging by the pictures on Facebook, it was well attended.

The pool at Brookside Park opened just in time to catch the cold snap that we are having.

The third annual Mustang Roundup was held on Sunday afternoon. Among the highlights was the attendance by a couple of cheerleaders from the Indiana Pacers. Is that a full-time job? The cheerleaders for the sports teams do a lot of public relations work for their franchises. Below you can see them helping with the auction that raised money for the Good Samaritan Food Pantry.
A few days ago the Morocco Times posted about 100 pictures of Morocco on Facebook.

What have I missed?

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flatbow said...

Maybe more people would take the class reunions seriously if they knew about them.
This would have been my 10th year reunion, but I never heard a peep about it. I might have actually made the trip back to Rensselaer to visit family and friends had I known.