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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Downtown changes

The Welfare office, or more technically, the Family and Social Services Administration, Jasper County Office, Division of Family & Children, has moved offices. They were in the old Sears Building, but since June 14 have been at 331 S College, which is a building that says Jasper County Impact Office. I do not know what Impact was or is or if it is still in that building. So there is another empty spot in the old Sears Building.

An empty spot downtown may soon be filled. The old Horton Building no longer has for rent signs. It is undergoing some cleaning. I know a bit more but do not know if what was told to me was meant to travel any further.

The old J&L Antiques looks like it is almost ready to open as a flea market, but it has looked that way for several weeks and is still not open.

Away from downtown, I noticed a sign on the big building north of Sealy, part of which has been used by the Rensselaer septic tank company. I checked the website of the commercial real estate and management company with the sign, but it did not list the property.

Update: There is now a sign in the window of the old Horton Building that says that it is the future home of a pet grooming business.

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