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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fish out of pond

The fish were out of the pond at SJC yesterday as the cleaning and repairing of the reflecting pond continues.
It looked like they had used some nets to concentrate them into a small space, and then they probably used hand-held nets to capture them.
Two workers were pumping water out of the pond, and there were hoses attached to the fire hydrants so they could push the debris around.

Below is a mystery photo. What is it? (I will give you my answer as to exactly what I think it is in a couple days if no one gives a better answer.)
I missed Taste of Rensselaer--I was out of town. How was it? It appeared to have more food booths than it has had in other years.

While out of town, I had some gas adventures. On Friday I thought I found a great deal on gas in Remington for $3.54 a gallon. But two days later I found gas for only $3.20 in Indianapolis. I was hoping to see similar prices here when I got back, but they did not travel north with me.

Update: The mystery picture is of a bird-poop moth, a moth that is camouflaged to appear as a bird dropping and thereby escape from hungry birds. It may be either Eudryas grata (Beautiful Wood Nymph) or Eudryas Unio (Pearly Wood Nymph).

Eudryas grata

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Anonymous said...

It's a moth sitting on the door of the SJC Core Building.