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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's four o'clock

I noticed these pretty flowers along the railroad tracks on Monday morning and did not know what they were. A check of my Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers told me it was Mirabilis Nyctaginea, commonly called Wild Four O'Clock. It is a native plant that likes disturbed areas and is often found along railroads.
It does not seem to be useful for anything and is sometimes considered a weed. It may also be poisonous, so should not be eaten. One of the sites I found on the Internet said that the flowers are only open for a few hours, so I guess I was lucky to catch them looking the way they do in these pictures. And that probably explains why it is not grown as a garden flower.
The way the leaves are paired is quite distinctive.


Anonymous said...

Mom & Gram grew its domesticated cousin The 4 O'Clock. Seems they opened up in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

This plant might do well in