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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Painting the SJC water tower

Earlier this week four men were painting the water tower at SJC. As I watched them, I kept thinking that this would be a great job for Mike Rowe and his show, Dirty Jobs. I especially would like to see him doing the work that the guy on the ladder is doing. Just the thought of being on a ladder that is hanging in the air gives me the willies. As for the guys on ropes, I have a relative who likes dangling from ropes, so I have gotten used to that idea.
The way this crew is painting the water tower is different from the way another crew painted the Rensselaer water tower a year or two ago. That crew used a bucket lift to get them where they wanted to be. Maybe that worked better for the newer design of the city water tower.

They were even painting the metal supports that crisscross underneath the tank.
Maybe if I got poles as long as these guys use, I could paint my entire house without leaving the ground.

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Old WPUM Engineer said...

Don't touch the Antenna & feed!