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Friday, June 10, 2011

Things missing

There is something missing from this tree. No, I do not mean the branch.
Last night lightning struck the tree and blew off all the bark on the lower part of the tree. The tree is in Weston Cemetery along the creek.

This morning I also noticed something missing in Brookside Park, though it may have been missing for a few weeks. Do you notice what is not there in the little playground next to the basketball court? I do not know what the story is, but if you do know, tell us in the comments. Betty will miss it next time she visits.
There is a plaque by this playground that I do not think I have ever included in my collection of plaques. You cannot see the top well, but the whole plaque reads:
Project P.L.A.Y.
People laboring to aid youth donated by the Gallagher Charitable Society Saint Joseph's College and Jasper Foundation Inc April 3, 1997.

Update: A source that should know told me that the reason that the Emma House was removed from the park was that it was constantly being vandalized. It now has a new home where it will not be vandalized, but it also will not have more than a handful of kids playing in it.

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Anonymous said...

awww, the play house is missing! How sad! My kids will miss that as well :-(