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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Hum is in the Air

There is a new show in the Fendig Gallery of the Carnegie Center titled "A Hum in the Air." It will run till August 12. It is not called "Who Used Up the Shampoo," which is the title of this graphite drawing.
The show features a few works by Rena Brouwer, an artist from Delphi who works mostly in watercolor, and a lot of works by people who have studied with her. The above picture is from one of her students, Lisa Catlin. The picture below is a watercolor by Ms Brouwer.
I had to ask why the show was called "A Hum is in the Air." If I had looked carefully at the titles of all the paintings, I would have noticed that one of them had that title, and in the upper right corner of that painting was a hummingbird, which explains the title of the painting. So if you go to see the display, you can show your sophistication by telling everyone why the show has the title it has. But first see if you can find the hummingbird.

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Anonymous said...

You have given a nice review with the hidden hummingbird connected to the gallery show title.