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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sol with halo

I noticed that the sun had a halo on Thursday and was able to capture it in a photo. I recall that this effect is caused by ice crystals in high altitude clouds. Can you see that the halo is actually a rainbow?
I doubt if most people will think of the sun as holy this week if the forecast is correct.

After I looked at other pictures of the sun with halo on the Internet, I decided to play with another picture I had, taken with a different camera. Playing with exposure, contrast, and brightness, I got it to look a lot more like what some of the other Internet results look like.

 (The little dark spot is a defect that the camera has. It is slowly failing, but I have taken about 13000 pictures with it, so I cannot be too upset.)

Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter? The sun sets a bit earlier each evening and rises a bit later each morning.

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Anonymous said...

very cool! Er, hot?