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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another storm, more trees gone

Last night another storm tore through Rensselaer at about midnight. The sky lit up with lightning, though much of it was not nearby, and the winds roared. The storm seemed to do more damage on the west side of town than the east side. Along Jackson Street near the park the wind damaged a large oak tree and snapped a power-line pole.
You could not tell from the road if there was any damage to the house.
There were several trees destroyed or damaged in Weston Cemetery. You can see one downed tree in the foreground and a crew working to cut up and truck away a second downed tree behind it.
We got a decent amount of rain but it had no noticeable effect on Brookside Creek or the river. The hot weather we have been having has dried us out.

Update, late afternoon: The big tree branch in the first two hit the roof of the house and did some damage to the roof and the gutters. There is a tarp over the damaged area. It also hit a car (the red object in the first picture) and caved in the roof and cracked or broke the windshield. It also has a tarp over it.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised at all of the big old split trees after this last storm. We will have to plant new ones.