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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting ready for the school year-Updated

Students will soon be arriving at Saint Joseph's College (and maybe a few have arrived already). There is one last band camp there this week, a large band from Illinois. A number of repair projects are finishing up. The water is back on in the reflecting pond, but it may take a while for the pond to fill if the fountain is the only source of water.
In addition to cleaning it and painting the sides of the pool, the stones were repaired on the fountain.
Repairs are being done to the powerhouse chimney. I have not seen any workers up there when I have passed by.
New lights seem to be on the way for the sidewalk in front of the Science Hall. You can see the old light in the picture below, and at the bottom of the picture is the foundation for a new light fixture.
This tree shading the sundial has been there a while, but I had not previously noticed the absurdity of the tree placement.

Update: I had to go out to SJC today (Wednesday) and found guys working on the chimney. They were raising the scaffolding, and instead of having a way to raise the whole thing, they somehow took it apart and reconstructed it a few feet higher.
 Fifteen minutes later they had finished and were doing whatever it was that they were doing to the chimney.

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Gene said...

A tree shading a sundial from the sun... an absurdity indeed. Thanks for the chuckle.