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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I do not know what it was that I saw here

Over the weekend I stopped by the construction site on Melville of the new school to see what progress was being made.  It appeared that all the stuff that they want to put underground has been put into place, but there still is no sign of actual construction.

On Wednesday when I stopped by there was activity, but I could not figure out what they were doing. Along the side of Melville were two trucks that were filling two other trucks with something that looked like lime. As a truck was being filled, bags on top of it would inflate like balloons--it was a very strange site.
There was a truck spreading something over the surface of the site. I think it was a third truck that had been filled with the white stuff.
Again, I do not know what the purpose of this activity was. Are there any readers who can fill us in?


Anonymous said...

I heard that the site didn't pass the soil testing that approve the ground for the weight of any building on it. Therefore the original contractor left the site. The second company was mixing some cement (the white stuff) into the soil so it could be brought up the "standards" for constructing a building upon it>
Don't know if it's all true but there's something fishy going on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lime stabilization is what is going on. It has been in the construction plan from day one. A strike in Chicago and then torrential rains have caused progress to be slowed.

Mixing lime with the soil and moisture allows the pad to be hardened. This is standard procedure on large scale building projects.

The contractors who were awarded the contracts last school year are still the ones doing the work.

Rumors are more interesting than truth. There will be much for you to watch over the next few months Rensselaer Adventures! Enjoy your rides!