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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

National Night Out Rensselaer 2011

Tuesday's National Night out was well attended. The pool probably has not had as many people in it this year. Temperatures over 96 degrees and a heat index of about 105 made it the place to be.
Another popular attraction of the night, once called Cookout with Cops, is the free hot dog supper. Betty really enjoyed her hotdog. And it was the first time she had ever had pop from a can.
The National Guard table had a display showing what meth does to teeth. They also had a chess game for anyone who wanted to play.
These kids wanted to see what all the levers and buttons on the firetruck did.
This year the helicopter arrived. Last year it did not.
Not everyone was happy with the helicopter. It seems to have interrupted someone's soccer practice.
The fire department and ambulance service did a crash rescue re-enactment. They managed to do it despite a fire call that took away some of the firemen and the firetruck shown a couple pictures above.
A water wars game was immensely popular with the kids. You got a bunch of water balloons and launched them at another kid in a similar booth. It was fun to get wet and fun to get the other person wet.
Along with the two booths was a contraption for filling water balloons.
I hope they bring it back next year.

Addendum--I talked to readers of this blog who found the post on batman useful. They have a larger colony of bats than I had.

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rachel said...

The Boys had a blast tonight! The Batman was happy for our business...wish I was as happy...can't wait for the bats to be gone!!!