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Monday, August 8, 2011

Over the weekend

On Sunday the Friends of the Library sponsored Peter Fletcher, a classical guitarist. Between 50 and 60 people attended. The Rensselaer branch of the library is not the great venue for musical programs--it lacks a room that can seat a mid-sized group of people.
There is something new at the library--a new display case of the Civil War memorabilia of General Milroy. (The general would not pass inspection with the missing buttons.)
For the last ten or fifteen or maybe twenty years, this has been the weekend of a health fair at the Jasper County Hospital and also a 5K. I saw no publicity or mention of either, so I am wondering if they took place. The 5K was always a week before the Demotte Rotary Ramble, which was a much bigger race and the last road race of the season for high school kids, so the field in Demotte is really tough. In its early years the hospital 5K was the only road race that Rensselaer offered. If it has died, at least it waited until Rensselaer developed a number of other 5K races--the Little Cousin Jasper race, the Chloe 5k, the Santa Shuffle, and the SJC Homecoming 5k, a 5k for earth day. (What did I miss?)

Maybe, just maybe, the Talbert Bridge was finished on Saturday. The crew installing the railing was back, hopefully finishing up. (If they did not finish, it may be another week, since they only seem to work here on Saturdays.)
On Saturday evening the railing looked finished, but it had tape on the south end. Maybe that is just to let the concrete set for the posts on the north end.
I am ready for some cooler air. It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks school will be in session.


Anonymous said...

What's the width of the opening for the bridge? It looks like the yellow pole might be effective in keeping strollers, bike trailers, etc. off the bridge.

Anonymous said...

The Talbert bridge appears to be made from tractor trailer technology. The maximum outside width a trailer can be before it is considered wide load is 102" (8' 6").

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of room for strollers. I saw a motorized wheelchair cross the bridge the other day.

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely and wonderful addition to our community. What a nice gateway into Weston Cemetery!