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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Were they lost?

I observed this bus passing through downtown Rensselaer Thursday morning. I was so surprised it took me a few seconds to realize that I should take out my camera and take a picture. If I had been a little faster, I would have gotten a better shot.
Why was the C-SPAN Campaign-2012 bus in Rensselaer? Where was it coming from and where was it going to?


Jim Earnest said...

I am not sure why it came through Rensselaer but I met it heading south as I was driving back into town this morning. I saw on the Lafayette news tonight that it was at Purdue along with the founder of C-Span as they interviewed Gov. Daniels.

Anonymous said...

They were at KV high school ealry in the day to tape some things with students there. They experienced tech difficulties are where unable to braodcast so they headed south. Missed Opportunity for KV to be seen on real reality TV.