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Monday, September 26, 2011

Where was I? (Updated)

I had an interesting weekend. Here are some pictures from part of it. Where was I? (This one is easy--not like some of the ones the Little Indiana has on her Facebook page.)

Update--all text from here is part of the update.)

Wow--what an amazing amount of reader reaction. One comment in twelve hours!

Yes, it was the Feast of the Hunter's Moon near Lafayette. Past posts on this event are here and here.

I took this picture because I liked the dress of the lady in red. It stood out.
One of the most popular food booths was the apple dumpling booth. All the cooking is done on site in these ovens. I found out after getting home that it is a fund-raiser for Central Catholic High School in Lafayette. We will be hearing a lot more about CC in the paper because the school has joined the athletic conference that RCHS belongs to.
I thought the plastic tubs were a bit out of place. The lines for this booth were amazingly long, probably the longest for any of the food booths. I wonder if any Rensselaer organizations have ever considered using the Feast for fund raising. It would require some costuming and an appropriate activity, but there sure are big crowds. I bought a large pork chop from a booth that was run by some organization from Rossville. People ate them without knives or forks--probably the way they would have been eaten when Fort Ouiatenon was active.

These guys could be Little Cousin Jasper after he grew up.
I did not get to hear as much music as I wanted to hear. I have a granddaughter who thinks I am great, and as a sign of her affection she wanted me and only me to carry her. She got heavier and heavier as the day went on. And she complained when I sat down.
I included this picture because I thought the blue boxes in the background added a nice touch.
Watching the many people in costumes is one of the highlights of the Feast.
My granny, what big gourds you have.
These are the fabulous Budabi Brothers, who are excellent jugglers and very funny comedians. Their act is pretty much the same from year to year, but they do it so well that most people who see it one year want to see it the next year.
Sitting a few feet from me watching this performance was an Amish family. I was struck how well they fit in. I wonder how many people realized that they were dressed in their everyday clothing.

I neglected to get a picture of the GFS trucks in the parking lot, so I will settle for this one. Actually, there were a lot of similar scenes in the food booths.
Many craftsmen have exhibits and sell wares at the Feast. This yarn is colored with dyes that come from plants rather than petrochemical refineries. The colors are more muted, but that is what people in the 18th century would have had available.
For people who want to buy junk, there are silly wooden carvings of toy guns and mass produced bows and arrows. There are no NASCAR items, however. Booths are restricted to things that seem period appropriate.

The Feast is a lot of fun even though it has gotten a bit too big. We parked in the Purdue football stadium parking lot and took the shuttle. The lot was almost full and we had to wait about fifteen minutes for the bus. It could have been a lot worse. If you have never been to this event, you really should go some year.


Anonymous said...

Feast of the Hunters' Moon?

phil said...

If you really like this type of festival you should go to Friendship Indiana for the National muzzle loading shoot. It has so many more historical things going on. You can even rent a Tepee to live in for the festival if you want..


Anonymous said...

I feel like I visited with out the wet feet, head, and clothing. Nice trip.