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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where were we (part 2)? (Updated)

Where were we? This was taken this past weekend, so you might be able to identify exactly where these pictures were taken.
Anonymous had the right answer. We were at Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette. After our group finished with the Feast of the Hunter's Moon, we headed over to the campground at Prophetstown and set up camp. We all ate supper in the light rain, but only half the group stayed over night. The other half, which included me, came back to Rensselaer.
Only the older child shown below camped. She slept well. The younger one came to Rensselaer, and did not sleep as well.
The dark skies shown below had rain. We encountered much heavier rain on I-65 driving back to Rensselaer. By the way, I think the campground regulations say that tents are supposed to be placed on the gravel.
This was my second time in the campground and I still have not camped there. The first time was on Halloween several years ago. My daughter-in-law judged Halloween decorations. The campground was full, and some of the campers went to elaborate lengths decorating. If I had been blogging at the time, I would have taken a lot of pictures because it was impressive. Halloween decorations are common in many campgrounds.

If you follow the Wabash River upstream a bit, you find Delphi. I was indirectly given a link to an Indiana bicycle site a couple days ago, and that site had a nice article on the Delphi trail system.

Update 2: November 5-7 will mark the bicentennial of the Battle of Tippecanoe. Programs are planned for both Prophetstown State Park and the Battlefield Memorial. Detail can be found here.


Red Herring said...

Sand Dunes!

Dessert Survivor said...

Sorry, not the sand dunes.

Anonymous said...

Prophetstown State Park, near Battleground Indiana. I recognize the fire pit and the gravel camping spots.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't your tent be more comfie set up on grass and not gravel?