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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jack came to visit

Jack Frost paid an extended visit to Rensselaer last night, his first of the season. Here is a picture of grass in Brookside Park. Yes, the white stuff is frost.
You can see it better on the bleachers by the soccer field. Only the boards for sitting had the frost. The lower boards that serve as foot rests either had only dew or the water froze in a different way. (I did not check.)
The forecast was for patchy frost, so I was not surprised to see it this morning. I was surprised by how much of it there was, though.

Some people were better prepared than I was. They covered their sensitive plants.
We are supposed to have a warm-up this week. I will try to use it to get ready for winter.

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately, we didn't get cold enough last night for frost.