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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New things at the historical society

After the Yeoman celebration in August, I visited the Jasper County Historical Society Museum because a comment said that they had a DVD of the film that was showing at the Yeoman event. Although they did have a DVD (only $10), it was not the right film. It was a DVD that had been made from a VCR tape that the Society had put together several years ago.

The Museum had added a number of pieces to the quilt display, including a Hmong quilt owned by Jane Lord. Ms Lord will be doing the Riley Read at the Jasper County Library right before Tricks and Treating hours begin.
Your last chance to see the quilt show may be tonight (Tuesday, Oct 18) at 6:30, when the Historical Society has a meeting featuring Brian Capouch talking about old Jasper County families. Professor Capouch has been writing a weekly column for the Pulaski County Journal and you can find links to all of his articles here. (This link is also on the right sidebar in the Rensselaer Links section.) Most of his articles discuss western Pulaski County, but he often includes information about eastern Jasper County, as in his discussion of the the draining of the marshes or the cultivation of mint.

If you visit the museum, you cannot miss the large spinning wheel that dominates the back part of the room. It is a recent acquisition, as is the funny looking thing to its left. Both came from a pioneer family that settled in Carpenter township.
If you visit the museum or drive past it, you may notice construction activity across the street, on the northeast corner of College and Cullen. I checked the building permit to learn that it will be a duplex.

(The draining of the marshes reminds me that I never mentioned the update to the video being produced about the draining of the area marshes and the dredging of the Kankakee. Here is a Facebook page of that project, and here is a youtube video.)

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