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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some changes in the east

Construction of the new elementary school on Melville has been progressing nicely for the past couple of weeks. The many deliveries have caused the pavement on that section of the street to begin breaking up.
About two weeks ago our wet weather had given the site deep mud. The warm and dry weather since has let the contractors compact what will be the entry way and parking lots.
As part of that project, a strip along Melville was evacuated. It will eventually become a third lane, a turn lane.
Tuesday was concrete-pouring day. I found out later that they were pouring the pad or floor for the building. Because the building is quite a ways from the road, it is often hard to see what is going on.
This strange vehicle may have been what compacted the soil where there will eventually be roads and parking lots.
A bit to the south the framing has begun on what will be a storage facility. The budget for this is probably only a few percent of the budget for the school. It is close to the road so it is much easier to see what the workers are doing.
The hospital construction seems to be mostly done. There are still some storage containers near the site and there are still workmen around, but the construction fencing has been removed.

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