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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

19th annual elementary school art show

The 19th annual Regional Elementary Art Exhibition is on display in the Core Building lobby at Saint Joseph's College. It runs until February 3. Six schools are participating: Van Rensselaer & Monnett Elementary, St. Augustine's, South Newton Elementary, Tri-County Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Demotte Christian.
It is fun to see what kinds of art projects each school has assigned. At Lincoln Elementary the students learned that with the right tools (printing blocks), nice looking designs were possible.
This snowman looks worried.
The castle is the sort of thing some of my kids enjoyed drawing.
They also enjoyed dragons and monsters. Why can you be almost sure when you see a picture like this that the kid who did it is a boy?
I was disappointed that there were no tessellations this year. I have been thinking a lot about tessellations lately, and wanted to see what the kids would come up with. The closest thing to a tessellation pattern that I could find was the scale pattern on this very happy fish.

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Anonymous said...

Happy photos of the childrens' art work. Maybe there will be tessellations at the high school or middle school shows.