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Monday, January 9, 2012

At the Fendig

The Prairie Arts Council has a new show until February 3 at the Fendig Gallery at the Carnegie Center. Titled "Triple Visions: Three Emerging Artists," it features work by two recent St. Joseph's College grads and one current SJC student.

One alum, Michael Crowthers, focused on the human body. I vaguely recall either this piece or something similar in a student exhibit a few years ago.

  A lot of what he did was in clay, but he also can work in wood.
He is currently curator of the permanant collection at the Anderson Center for the Arts in Anderson, Indiana.

On the wall behind the bust you can see pictures by Andrew Dudich, whose day job is director of the web and IT services for radio station WITY in Danville, IL. Most of the pictures he had in the exhibit were giclee prints, and I had to ask what that was. I felt much better about my ignorance when several people who know more than I do about art could not explain it.
Finally I asked the artist what it was and he was happy to explain that giclee (or giclée) printing is done with an expensive, high-quality printer that uses special inks that make the print look like an oil painting. Dudich gets the effects in his pictures by blending three different photos. In the picture above you can easily see the car, but there are other things also in the picture. In a way, he is doing a variety of digital collage and he gets some very interesting effects. You can see more of his work on his website. Or you can go to Fendig Gallery and take a look. It is an interesting show.

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