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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bomber black

The black sealant coating has been completed on the under-construction elementary school on North Melville and the school looks like it has be decorated in one of the school corporation's colors, Bomber black. This new look will not last long because the masons are busy.
The brick facing is mostly completed on the west side of the building and the masons are gradually working their way to eastward. The picture below was taken about a week ago.  The workers are using a plastic enclosure that they move with them as they lay the bricks on various sections of the wall. (You can see it on the right side of the picture below.) With the warm temperatures and high winds today, they may be wishing it was not there.
Once the brick work is done, there should not be a lot of changes visible to people like me who watch from a distance.

Update: Below is a better view of the plastic enclosure that workers are using for construction.

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