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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chilly morning

Cold, clear, windless mornings like the one we had today emphasize the steam clouds produced by two area facilities. Below is steam coming from the ethanol plant four or five miles east of Rensselaer in Pleasant Ridge.
Much bigger clouds are produced by NIPSCO's Schahfer generating plant east of Wheatfield, about twenty miles to our north.
It was cold this morning.


Anonymous said...

The "clouds" were beautiful this morning from the NIPSCO plant against the beautiful blue sky. My camera was left at home. (: But the prettiest site in the sky in that area where the 100's of sandhill cranes flying west of the NIPSCO plant and several that were on the ground in the corn fields.

Anonymous said...

My c-worker and I really enjoy your blog. We find that it is very interesting. Keep up the good work.. we will keep reading :)

Gene said...

I too, like Julie, enjoy the Rensselaer Adventures blog. It's the first thing I bring up every day. The ethanol plant is long after my time in Rensselaer. I left in 1980 and have to chuckle when I think of how folks back then (Herbie Arihood, et al.) would have reacted to talk of corn being used to fuel a vehicle.