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Monday, January 16, 2012

Odds and ends for 1-16-12

I missed the big snow on Thursday because I had to leave Rensselaer. When I got up in the morning and looked at the radar, I got very motivated to get on the road as fast as I could. It was foggy and dark but not snowing until I got to Indianapolis. I was surprised at how much more snow Rensselaer got than Indianapolis got.

Did you know that Rensselaer has one of thirty road sensors in the state? I think you can see part of it on the south side of SR 114 as you cross I-65 from the east--it is just past the exit ramp coming from the south. You can find the data it is reporting on the Internet at In addition to giving you the temperature of the road, both surface and subsurface, it has air temperature, wind speed, humidity, and dew point. A few of the thirty sites also have cameras, but ours does not.

Each year Saint Joseph's College has a big program in celebration of Martin Luther King Day. This year their decisions attracted some attention from a couple of conservative Catholic blogs, here and here.

Blogging will continue to be erratic. I am working on a project (an adventure of sorts) that has been absorbing a lot of time and effort and it still has a ways to go. Until I am finished, blogging here has reduced priority.

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