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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As I was riding my bike along Sparling Avenue today, I noticed an excavator across the field. I went to check it out, following West Washington Street past the trailer court to its end, and was surprised to see that it was being used to lay pipes. The sewer construction project is not just out at the interstate intersection, but it is also on the south side of the river. A trip out Bunkum seemed in order. The preparations for the digging of the sewer line are underway. There are large culverts set out and piles of green pipe. It seems that the crossing of the river will be near the Iroquois Valley Church. There are orange markings and flags everywhere from there west, but none to the east.

It will be something to watch now that the power line project seems mostly done and the school construction project will soon finish the exterior. The power line people have erected a forest (I almost wrote "constructed a maze"--I have spent too much time thinking of mazes recently) of poles north and east of the power house. It will be interesting to see how so many poles in such a small area are going to be used.

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