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Monday, January 23, 2012

What is it?

What is it and where was I?
Update: Comment 3 was on the money. It is the snow-covered scrap metal at Rensselaer Iron and Metal. I altered the color of the photo to sepia--it brought out the dark-white contrast that I thought was interesting.

Rensselaer Iron and Metal is constructing a new fence along Walnut. In their case, tall fences probably do make for good neighbors.


Ed said...

snow in a scrap yard?

Anonymous said...

either a scrap yard, or an art exhibit


Anonymous said...

Rensselaer Iron and Metal, A pile of scrap. :)

Jayme(Anonymous #3) said...

Woohoo! It twas me! lol

Jayme said...

By the way, speaking of Rensselaer Iron and Metal, maybe someone here can save me a trip, I am looking for sections of Rohn Antenna Tower.In 5ft to 6ft lengths or taller. Its not for an antenna tower but for a project for my business. Will they sell me the sections from Ren Iron and Metal? Or does anyone know of someone who wants one gone? Email me: