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Friday, January 13, 2012

Will they be there in 2013?

Earlier this week, before real winter arrived on Thursday, I took a few pictures of some buildings that have been discussed a bit recently. Below is the old Strip Joint on the corner of Austin and College. Presently the city owns it, and it will be demolished sometime in the future.
One plan is to replace it by moving the old pump house across College Ave. You can see the pump house on the right of the picture below. Some other people think a better site for the old pump house would be at  the Amtrak stop where it could serve as the train shelter. Other people think the best option is to demolish the old pump house. What do you think?
 This building has had other uses in the time I have been in Rensselaer and has also sat empty some of the time. I cannot remember what those other uses were and I do not know what the original use of the building was. Does anyone know?

Next door is a house that flooded a couple years ago and has not been inhabited since. It too is now owned by the city and will be demolished to become part of Austin Park.
The old Strip Joint building is starting to fall apart. If you like to take pictures of decaying buildings, check it out.

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