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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A wintry morning

Yesterday for the first day in a very long time I did not leave the house. I kept thinking that I should get out and get some exercise, but it just looked so miserable out there that I never made it. Instead I stayed inside and listened to how the commute from downtown Chicago to Ohara O'Hare Airport was two and a half hours.

This morning looked much more inviting with a blue sky and a bright sun. I find it hard to resist taking pictures of the shadows that the sun makes on a field covered with snow.
 The cemetery did not have its usual traffic of early morning walkers.
 Some flowers are very hardy, not suffering at all from the cold and snow.
Late on Thursday afternoon I walked across the Talbert Bridge (aka Bicentennial Park Pedestrian Bridge) and there were no tracks. I pulled out my camera to take some pictures of the way the cracks in the boards show through the snow and I got a "recharge battery" message. This morning my camera was working, so a couple days late, here is a picture of the snow on the bridge showing how the cracks show through the snow.
 The snow was light and fluffy and had a crunch to it. And when you walk across the bridge, that crunch gets amplified for some reason. Plus the bridge creaks and pops. You really need to check out the bridge when it is cold and snow covered--it is not the same as during good weather.

The picture below could be a scene from a wild area, but it is from the bridge.
 A bit downstream from the bridge there is an obstruction in the river that has created a bit of white water. (Do you want to go rafting?)
 If you have a snowmobile, today is a good day to get out and enjoy it. The forecast says that the snow will be melting next week.
 I have had enough snow. I am ready for spring. And it (or at least the equinox) will be here in only two months.


Anonymous said...

Love your blogs but especially your pictures and those on today's blog are especially beautiful. Hope you enter some in photo contests.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. It's O HARE Airport.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wintry walk.