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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The platform at night

 The new Amtrak platform is well-lit at night.
The photo above is taken looking east. You can see the lights on top of the grain elevator. I have never been able to figure out why they are there.

Below is a picture of the platform from Cullen looking west. (The platform could be even more brightly lit if they had both sides of the light fixtures on instead on only one.)

I was at the platform because I was expecting to greet some visitors. And here they are getting off the train.
No one got on the train on this night, but one other person got off.

One of my visitors was not sure she was ready for her Rensselaer adventure.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Keep the personal pictures coming. The train station platform is impressive. Are the light there because of planes coming into the airport? I do not know about height regulations for indicating tall structures.

Old WPUM Engineer said...

Do you have a helicopter pad at the Hospital? Might be aviation marker lighting.