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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fire in Mt Ayr?

Left today in the comments of a very old post:

That school burned down today. I first the flames at about 5 this morning shooting very high out of the roof. Driving past it now at noon and is still burning. All that is left of the building is the exterior bricks walls. Today is 3/29/12
 Anyone know more? I have not seen anything on Facebook.

Update: Follow the link in the comments for pictures.

Also, see 

More Pictures: See the Facebook page of Historical Newton In and of the Rensselaer Republican.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw of photo of the school on facebook this morning. Kind of sad as that was where I went to middle school.

Marilea Schriner said...

There are some photos of the fire on my Facebook wall. Follow this link and you should get there

Marilea Schriner