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Friday, March 9, 2012

Odds and Ends--March 9, 2012

I saw crocuses blooming today. Others have seen them earlier.
Last night we had the last full moon of winter. The next one will be the first full moon of spring, and the Sunday that follows the first full moon of spring is Easter. Spring is on the way.

Workers for Gatlin Plumbing and Heating were busy digging on Washington and Rachel. Gatlin was the company that was doing the storm sewer project last fall, so I guess they are back working on it.
A closer look at what they were doing.
A couple months ago someone told me that there was a manufacturing company in the back part of the old Schumaker building. I passed by today and saw the sign of the company. Melt blown is a technology for making microfibers that are used in filters. Google "melt blown" filtration and check the images. When I learn more, I will write about it.

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Gene said...

It was interesting to see those pictures of the work being done near the water tower... I lived on that corner, at 102 S. Rachel Street from 1953 to 1959. Thanks for the memories.