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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Regional art show--middle school edition

The third and final installment of the regional art show is on display in the Core Building lobby at SJC. Earlier SJC hosted art shows for elementary students from area school, then high school students. Now it is the turn of middle school students, or those from fifth through eighth grade.

Students from the Morocco Elementary School did self portraits in which they traced their hands and feet. Seeing a bunch of them together grabbed my attention. The same school had the students playing with typography, and that will also grab my attention.
The students used the computer to display their names in a script font that was reflected. They printed out the results and decorated it to make a face. Some kids had names that were easier to decorate than others.
A couple of South Newton students had linoleum prints that looked more polished than most or maybe all of the other things on display.
A student from Rensselaer Middle School had a geometric design that made me think of mazes.
I am not sure of the dates for this show--there were no signs up announcing them and I have not seen any notices for the show. The awards ceremony may be in April.

Update: The show runs until April 6.

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