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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where are they now?

On Tuesday I went looking for the workers constructing the sewer to the I-65 intersection. When I last saw them, they were are the S-curve on Bunkum. On Tuesday they were working their way north along CR 850W, almost to the Oak Tree Estates subdivision (which I do not think will be connected because they are not in the Rensselaer city limits).
I think the big metal thing in the ground is to prevent cave-ins. You can see that there is a worker in there, and another worker was getting ready to send another section of pipe down.

Others workers were still busy along Bunkum. This little excavator was being used as a bulldozer, smoothing the soil where pipe had already been laid.
Returning to Rensselaer, I noticed that the bathhouse at LaRue Pool was getting a new look. The warm temperatures seemed to have been more important than the high winds in beginning the painting. There has been other work being done there this winter, but it was inside so I do not know what they were doing.
Today we again have very high winds. What you see below was a common sight on the south side of town, the section that has recycling pickup today. The wind speed both today and yesterday registered at 24 mph at the weather station at I-65, with gusts to about 40.

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