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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Five seconds of terror (Updated)

The annual Earth Day events took place this morning (Saturday) at Brookside Park. Some people had come out to run in a 5K. Like last weekend's race, this course was out Bunkum Road rather than out Mattheson.
 There were activities for kids and informational booths for adults. If you wanted free trees to plant, there were two booths providing them. Some kids enjoyed the free cotton candy.
 Also on the calendar was the 50th Little 500 at Saint Joseph's College. (In its early years, this was not a go-cart race.)
 There were two races, an alumni race and a student race.
New this year to the attractions for those attending was a zip-line. The father of the girl below told me that he would do it if I did. That was enough incentive for me to do it.
I have a fear of heights that I do not think is severe enough to qualify as acrophobia. So I did not really enjoy the ride, but thankfully it was very short. The worst part, though, was standing on the platform trying to summon up the courage to step off. However, now I can cross it off my bucket list and never have to do it again.

I met a former student who recently passed his CPA exam. He is having trouble with the IRS. Someone filed a tax return using his Social Security number, so when he filed his return, the IRS rejected it. I asked if his tax courses did not cover situations like that. He said they did not. He also said that trying to get answers from the IRS was an exercise in frustration. I wished him luck.

Update: Someone wanted results. Here they are:

Results, Student Race
 1 48 Kyle Rayburn 141  Rensselaer  70.500
2 3 Brian Kane 140  Lake Village  70.000
3 8 Jon Christiansen 137  Monticello  68.500
4 88 Luis DeLeon 136   Chicago  68.000
5 25 Morgan Myers 135   Demotte 67.500
6 13 Harrison Beeson 135   Kenosha  67.500
7 92 Dane VanHouten 135   Renssealer  67.500
8 23 Adam Meeker 133   Schererville  66.500
9 22 Matt Schumacher 129   Lemont   64.500
10 43 Ben Geels 129   Fort Wayne   64.500
11 5 Phil Rabenstein 129   Colfax  64.500
12 99 Travis Kepner 129   Fowler  64.500
13 55 John Manning 128   Lockport   64.000
14 7 Stephanie Martin 126   Lafayette  63.000
15 31 Anthony Allen 112   Rensselaer  56.000
16 4 Rose Nowicki 106   Hobart  53.000
17 12 Randee Portteus 41  Monrovia  20.500

Results, Alumni Race
1 92 Andrew Malone 63  Rensselaer   31.500
2 11 Tom Stefaniak 63   Dyer   31.500
3 4 Jon Messman 62     Rensslear, IN   31.000
4 27 Jason Ostrowski 62     Brookfield, IL   31.000
5 5 Ron Kasparian 61   Rensselaer, IN   30.500
6 7 Brian Bugajski 59    Lafayette, IN   29.500
7 17 Mike Stader 57    Plainfield, IN   28.500
8 2 Tom Messman Jr 37   Rensselaer, IN   18.500

(Place, ,Number, Name, Laps, Hometown, Distance)


Anonymous said...

Who won Little 500? Student and alum races if you know...
Congrats on stepping or sliding outside your comfort zone.

Desert Survivor said...

Way to try out the zip line!

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