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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bunny problems

I have been slow to get my garden planted, but maybe it does not matter. Below you can see how my broccoli is doing.
 The tomatoes, which mostly are volunteers, are missing leaves.
 Can you see the row of beans in the picture below? They should be about six inches tall by now.
The bunnies have been eating almost everything that I planted in my garden. Why can't they eat the weeds? I have loads of creeping charlie--why can't they stuff themselves on that?

I have mentioned my bunny problems to several others, and they have commented that there do seem to be a lot of rabbits around town this year.

My love of wildlife stops when it inconveniences me. I think I finally evicted the raccoon that was living in the attic of my garage. He may have gotten some revenge--he was able to get into my garbage. I tie the lid on to keep the raccoons out, but he found an alternative way to get it. There was a hole the size of a half dollar on the bottom. He (or she) knocked over the can, and then pulled part of the bag out through the hole. It made quite a mess.

Though I think the garage is now raccoon free, I have a new wildlife guest. I had a new light put in this spring, and barn swallows found that it was the perfect place to build their nest. They are very messy birds, and the mess can fall on the car. I will let them raise their young, but then I will find a way to eliminate the top of the light fixture as a future nesting site.

On a more pleasant topic, the LaRue pool is scheduled to open Friday, June 8. The Lake Banet beach is already open and this year the public can buy passes. The SJC person I talked to said that the response from the community has been strong.

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