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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miscellaneous construction

There is a variety of construction going on in and near Rensselaer. The approaches for the new pedestrian bridge are nearing completion. The bridge itself is in Hobart being restored.
 Construction activity was evident at the water treatment plant. There was a collection of very large pipe fittings near one of the old pump houses.
Two machines were digging next to the building itself.
Along Bunkum Road several workers were spreading black dirt over the route of the new sewer line.
 I expected to find that all of the sewer line was in place, but on the corner of SR 114 and CR 850W there was digging that might be sewer related. You can see the directional drilling machine on the right of the picture. I have not been by this intersection very often, but it seems every time I am there, there is some kind of digging on this corner.
 A different crew was putting up utility poles along SR 114. There were also new utility poles, still without lines, along CR 850W.
 Back to Rensselaer. I had not noticed  that there was a change in ownership of the Panda Apartments on Bel Mar Drive. They are now Serenity Terrace Apartments. The sign in front says that there are newly constructed apartment homes, and the building below looks new--compare its color to the older and large building that is only partially visible on the left. However, I do not have enough familiarity with these apartments--they are set far back from Melville--to be sure of anything. Anyone know more?

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Anonymous said...

You were a busy photo journalist today. Thanks for the clear pictures as usual.