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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I saw these geese a couple days ago near Donaldsons. The young are getting big--they have to be ready to fly by the end of summer, which by some reckonings begins today.  Today is the summer solstice, the longest day, the day on which the sun is as far north in the sky as it will get. Starting tomorrow the days will begin to get a bit shorter.
I don't remember ever eating goose. What do they taste like?


Therese said...

I've had to stop for them also. I love how the Daddy stays in the middle of the road until they're safely off the road.

Gene said...

I bought a large Canada Goose from Joe Sheldon back in the 1960s when he lived East of Rensselaer. He told me to stuff the cavity full of bread crumbs to absorb all the fat and then after roasting throw the stuffing away. To me, roast goose tastes similar to roast duck, perhaps a bit less greasy.

Gene said...

Darn . . . I meant to say when Joe Sheldon lived WEST of Rensselaer.