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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miscellany 08-23-2012

The Austin Park bridge has gotten its first coat of paint.
The 9-11 memorial I-beam seems to be in place in front of the fire station. I wonder if the box will be removed as part of the dedication ceremony. The Little Cousin Jasper Festival would be a good time to dedicate it.
I do not have more pictures of the Court House roof today, but I do have some roofing pictures. It looks like Donaldson's is getting a new roof.
While I was there workers were dumping debris down the black chute to the right of the crane.
Behind Donaldson's the turnabout for the Little Cousin Jasper 5K race seemed to have been recently painted.
At SJC I heard hammering and found that the entrance decoration to the east of the highway was mostly demolished.
I asked a worker what was planned and he did not know.

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