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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shopping the CDC Thrift Store in Monticello

Last week I was in Monticello and stopped by the CDC Thrift Store. This store is run by CDC Resources (the CDC stands for Comprehensive Development Centers), which also runs Jasper Junction north of Rensselaer. Both stores are meant to earn money to support the mission of CDC, which is to aid developmentally handicapped adults. In Rensselaer CDC houses adults in Jasper Village and has a center at the end of Angelica Street.

Monticello has a bunch of one-way streets, and the CDC Thrift Store is on one of them. To get there from US 24, which runs from west to east through Monticello, follow it until it turns north and then west again. The first stop light after the second turn is Illinois Street, the street on which the thrift shop is located. However, it is one way going the wrong way. Go to the next light and turn north on Main Street and follow it over the railroad tracks. Go a couple of blocks further north and then turn back to the east to get to Illinois. You will find the thrift shop on the west side of Illinois Street a bit north of the railroad tracks.
 The store is bright and very clean looking. On one side is clothing.
 Looking the other way you see all the other stuff, including furniture mixed in with the other items.
 Glassware and other kitchen stuff is neatly arranged on shelves.
 There was a selection of Halloween merchandise already up and ready to buy. I have not noticed the Halloween stuff in local stores, but I have not been paying much attention.
 Like Jasper Junction, the Thrift Store has a small eating area.
 The kids' stuff is in its own little area. Last time I was left with grand kids in a thrift store, they told me to quit looking at the stuff I thought interesting: "Quit wasting time, grandpa. We need to get to the toys."
The CDC Thrift Store has a very different feel than Jasper Junction. It is brighter, more inviting, and more upscale. It does not have vendor booths. It lacks the mystery of the "Man Building" and the Furniture Annex. If you have a chance, check it out. You never know what you can find in a thrift store.

(Some people have noticed "For Sale" signs at Jasper Junction. CDC does not want to close Jasper Junction; it wants to move it into Rensselaer. The first step is to sell the building they are in.)

We exited Monticello going north. On the way out, we passed something that Rensselaer and most other small cities in the United States lack, and outdoor movie theater.
Monticello and Rensselaer are both about the same size, but they are very different communities.

Update: CDC Resources is on Facebook and you can find notices of specials at both Jasper Junction and the Thrift Store there.

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