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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tiny ponies

A couple days ago the Rensselaer Republican had a piece about a Miniature Horse Registry licensed horse show that would be at the Jasper County Fairgrounds today. I decided it would be a good destination for a morning bike ride. I have never seen a miniature horse show, and I needed to cross that off my bucket list.

It seemed to work much like the livestock judging that goes on during the county fair, though I only stayed for a short bit of it. There were horses of various sizes, including quite a few that were big enough so that a small person could ride them. (I do not have any pictures of them.)
 I was more intrigued by the very small horse. Below are the two smallest that I saw--quite a few dogs are bigger than these.
What is the point of such tiny horses?

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Anonymous said...

Hobbits need horses too.